My Dinner with Andrea: the piece formerly known as Torture Playlist


Andrea Kleine’s new work began as a dance about the music deployed in the CIA’s torture program. In despair, Kleine abandoned that idea and channeled theater shaman André Gregory from his 1981 film My Dinner with André, creating a new version of the famed dinner conversation as she seeks answers on how to make a dance about torture, or how to make anything at all. The piece emerges as an amalgam of fragments: fractures of complicity, futility, and desire.

a piece by Andrea Kleine

performed by Alison Ingelstrom, Andrea Kleine, Anya Liftig, Bobby Previte, Dan Dobson, Michael Kammers, Neal Kirkwood

original score by Bobby Previte. lighting design by Madeline Best.

commissioned and presented by New York Live Art (premiere: February 2017) with additional support from Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Creative Engagement Fund, Barnard College Dance Department, and Art of Franza, Inc.