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One of "The Summer's Smartest and Most Innovative Thrillers" — VANITY FAIR

"A devastating, revelatory examination of trauma, memory, creation, and the ways in which we define ourselves according to our experiences."—NYLON

Named a Must-Read Summer Book by
Vanity Fair * NYLON * * Bitch * Library Journal * Chronogram * Book Riot

Named a Most Anticipated Book by
iBooks * The Millions * Bustle * Publisher’s Lunch

Finalist for the Ferro-Grumley, Publishing Triangle Award

"The mystery of Eden unfolds across America with humor and some clever detective work, combining a page-turner with a moving meditation on the limitations of family amidst trauma."Vanity Fair

"A devastating, revelatory examination of trauma, memory, creation, and the ways in which we define ourselves according to our experiences."NYLON

"This disturbing novel explores the aftermath of childhood trauma...Kleine conjures a character whose desire to understand her flaws and to connect with others shows her to be much more than a victim."The New Yorker, "Briefly Noted"

"Kleine renders the people Hope loves and the trauma that holds her back with subtlety and compassion."—

“I read this novel in one sitting because I simply couldn’t stop reading…when I closed the book, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hope and Eden, and what would happen next.”—Book Riot

"Eden is that rare bird of a book that manages to be both a page-turner and a moving and stark meditation—on sisterhood, violence, trauma, memory, and how a single event can shape a life."—Chronogram

"Powerful and harrowing."—Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"Don’t miss this haunting novel with heartbreaking themes of attachment and trauma."—Hello Giggles

"Kleine is no stranger to violence, and Eden is a hard, sometimes frightening look at the way trauma follows us."The Millions

"It would be easy to read Eden as a literary mystery exploring trauma and its after-effects, yet Kleine is up to something more diffuse and sprawling. I was as drawn in to the details of the semi-struggling artist’s life, which recalled Lynne Tillman’s brainy downtown deadpan, as I was to Hope’s increasingly dispirited search for Eden in an old VW camper van."—Lambda Literary Review

"Dark, eloquent, and bold, Kleine’s latest is a fierce tale of survival and sisterhood." — Booklist

"Fascinating...a gripping portrait of the lingering effects of trauma."—Publishers Weekly

“A compelling tale…striking.”—Kirkus Reviews

"Kleine portrays a young woman’s bumpy and sometimes uncomfortable journey toward resolution and self-reliance in this novel of discovery and healing."—Library Journal

"a vivid reading experience. Andrea Kleine has written a memorable and moving book!" —Powells' Staff Pick

"Eden is an artful, deeply engrossing and moving novel about our struggle to understand how our past (and our understanding of the past) has shaped who we are. Hope, a survivor who narrates the novel from both her childhood and from her adulthood, is a wonderfully realized and nuanced character.  She is flawed, complicated, a mess—but she is also far stronger and wiser than she realizes."—Dana Spiotta, author of Innocents and Others

"The best novels name those aspects of surviving that we know only from the inside, to which we have not, or cannot bear to put words. In this novel, Andrea Kleine has articulated the way trauma creates us, and we, in turn, create it: as a story, a song, a sister, a sore place that we worry as if our touch might heal. In these characters she has articulated the many dark and beautiful things that come when we face our pasts and ourselves, and that hard alternate freedom--of running away."—Melissa Febos, author of Whip Smart and Abandon Me

"An unsentimental limning of the misuses of innocence and art-making that manages to break your heart from page one. Eden is a tasty, nasty, finally sweet bite out of lots of modern tropes: trauma, memory, attachment, consequence."—Rebecca Wolff, author of The Beginners and One Morning—

"Where does a story start? How does it end? How do we make sense of the past so the present isn’t undone by it? Andrea Kleine’s insightful, wise and beautiful novel, Eden, elegantly and humorously examines how we travel forward and back on the gorgeous, potholed road trip of our lives."—Jennifer Gilmore, author of Something Red and The Mothers

“Among the many reasons to read the fierce and wonderful Eden are its sly structure, its delicious pacing, its humor, its meditation on the strange, indelible phenomenon of being a sister, and its abiding interest in the ways tragedy defines us and the ways it doesn’t. What I love most is the way these elements conspire to deliver a fresh and moving portrait of an artist. A spirit sister to Patti Smith’s Just Kids, Eden tells the bounteous, searching, sorrowful, invigorating story of what it is to make a life out of making art.”—Maud Casey, author of The Man Who Walked Away and The Art of Mystery

“Andrea Kleine’s gripping, intelligent novel is a work of great honesty. We meet Hope as she sorts through her strained life having survived abduction as a child, and journey with her as she accumulates strength in a search for her half-sister, Eden. I was engrossed by this story through its final pages.”—Alice Elliott Dark, author of In the Gloaming

Eden is totally consuming and hard to put down. Andrea Kleine writes with wit and heart in this devastating and beautiful novel about sisterhood, violence, and how a single event can shape a life.”—Swan Huntley, author of The Goddesses and We Could Be Beautiful

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